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GHS SDS Sheets / Book (Formerly known as MSDS sheets)

Quick Overview

Save yourself the grief of searching all over the web for the most common SDS sheets. Download ours within minutes and then place them into your own binder immediately after.

SDS Sheets for the newly implemented OSHA GHS (Globally Harmonized System) are specific to each manufacturer of the chemicals you use or store. This means you must hunt down each and every SDS sheet for each specific chemical you use or store at your place of business. That is, unless you're viewing this product. This product is simply a collection of SDS for the top 19 most commonly used chemicals at small business workplaces. We also provide an SDS cover page that you can print along with the sheets and place in the front clear sleeve of your binder. In addition to this, we have a brief instruction document that spells out how to put together your SDS book using these sheets and the cover page.

The only thing you are responsible for is supplying your own 3 ring binder or some other means of keeping the sheets organized and labeled.

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The problem: You can buy SDS binders and books anywhere online but they do not come with the actual sheets. The reason is because manufacturers cannot possibly know which SDS you need because they cannot know which chemicals are present in your workplace. So you are left searching high and low for all the SDS sheets using SDS search engines to no avail. In many cases, companies are asked to present their SDS book or SDS binder when they don't even use or have chemicals in their workplace.

The solution: We have selected the top 19 most commonly used chemicals in small business workplaces and grouped them into a bundle which comes with a cover page and with instructions on how to locate any additional SDS you might need in the future. You might call it an "SDS Kit" that enables you to print everything you need for an "SDS book" and place it into a binder which you have around your office or which you can get from any office supply store. It's by far the most efficient and affordable way to have an SDS book with a core group of SDS sheets for chemicals that are commonly used by most small businesses.

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