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We provide a better way to achieve compliance.satisfy your clients.protect your business.increase credibility.lower insurance premiums.

The purpose of our online store is to deliver high performance compliance products and services which enable "small" businesses to solve difficult safety & health problems. Since 2009 we've helped over 12,000 companies achieve compliance and the founder / CEO has personally consulted with over 1,000 small businesses - in person and over a span of 12+ years on matters concerning safety and health. We've also worked closely with Insurers, Third Parties, Large Enterprises, Regulatory Agencies and Industry Experts to determine what is accepted and what is not. The knowledge we've gained from this experience has shaped the products you see on our store today and instills confidence in those who buy from us year after year.

About Compliance Market™

Since 2009, our veteran owned, family operated business has helped over 12,000 companies solve their safety and health compliance / risk management needs. The founder and CEO is a 13+ year safety and health veteran and has personally consulted with over 1000 companies on matters strictly related to safety & health. This experience has enabled Compliance Market™ to have an intimate knowledge of the difficult challenges small businesses face and produce products that help them overcome these challenges. Specifically, we develop products and solutions that enable businesses to meet requirements for regulatory agencies, insurance companies, third parties and their clients. 100% of our solutions are either software products, software as a service (SaaS), downloadable content (DLC) or hourly virtual services. There are many companies who sell compliance products on the web as we do, but we strive to develop products that consider the end user experience - above all. These products help you solve difficult compliance problems - more quickly, easily and efficiently than most you'll find in the industry. This saves you time, money and brain cells; and it makes us feel good when our products do that for you. Again, we are a small, veteran owned, family operated business too. That's important because it means we give particular attention to each and every sale which occurs on this website and others we own. We do this because we want to ensure that every customer is happy with their decision to buy our products or services. Then, anytime a customer contacts us through our contact page, we (the owners) take the time to fully understand their inquiry and respond as quickly as possible, politely and giving them the best advice we can. That makes you more successful in your compliance endeavors and it makes us "A Different Kind of Safety Company". You might also be interested to know that we are a Christian owned business. If you'd like to know more on this; click here.


From The Founder & CEO

The longer I work in the regulatory compliance industry, the more convinced I am that success depends upon 2 things: (1) management's full commitment, and (2) the effectiveness of their compliance "tools". Executive management must "decide" to commit to excellence in compliance; then it must choose the tools that will enable the organization to reach predefined compliance goals. As product developers, we cannot increase the management's level of commitment or it's dedication, but we "can" provide and support effective tools that help your organization reach it's compliance goals.

- Aaron West | Founder & CEO | Compliance Market™