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Safety Stack™ v2.4 | SMS (Safety Management System) Software

Safety Stack™ SMS "software" is a safety management system (SMS) framework which is delivered upon a web based file sharing system, which can be used internally within your organization.

What does it do?

Safety Stack™ simply allows users to:

  • leverage the powerful Safety Stack™ directory framework - on the web
  • take advantage of our "off the shelf", "white label" safety management system tools - from the web
  • share, upload, download and otherwise "control" all of your safety management documenation and records
  • restrict or allow access to anyone via the web
  • + a bunch of other useful things

For the exhaustive list of details see the Safety Stack™ website.

What does it look like?

A picture is worth a thousand words. Here you go:





Can I use it with a mobile device?

Yes, it's compatible with mobile devices and just about anything else that can access the web.

Can I use it to satisfy ISO?

That's up to you. Since we're only concerned with United States requirements and because we believe ISO - safety and health standards are not widely accepted, used or relevant in the Untied States, we avoid them all together. However, we know that in the recent past, companies have used it to house their ISO health and safety documentation; and we've recieved reports that it serves to "support" or "reinforce" health and safety documentation required by ISO. In ohter words, the health and safety documentation (health and safety manual documentation) required to satisfy ISO, would serve only as a small component "within" Safety Stack™ framework and we do not develop this documentation at this time.

I only see 10 directories. What's the big deal?

Safety Stack™ is simple by design. However, don't let this image fool you! Each of the ten directories has a relatively deeply nested system of sub-directories which contain all the safety management system tools and resources you'll need to run an SMS and keep track of all the records.

How much does the Safety Stack™ Safety Management System Software cost?

It depends on how many employees you have. Generally, it costs most smaller companies a flat rate of $55. per month. This is assuming that you allow us to backup and purge all data that is more than 5 years old; providing the data to you for storage on your private storage systems.

What if I have more questions, want to test drive it or buy?

The best thing to do is request a call back. You can do that by using our contact form and leaving us a message. We'll contact you as soon as possible.